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This semester, I will be reading and blogging about six graphic novels; I will be focusing on superheroes that were either created in the mid to late eighties or re-imagined during that time period. Although I am primarily concerned with the content in each story, I will periodically post about the medium of the graphic novel itself, or points of resonance I find between the various graphic novels I read. Throughout the semester, I will be updating my page once or twice a week with observations, comments, questions, and pictures relating to the work I am currently reading. Once finished with a graphic novel, I will post a more substantial, organized essay, focusing on a specific aspect, theme, or motif in the story. I welcome and encourage all comments, critiques, and interaction with my work, and will promptly reply to any and all questions. It is my hope that this blog will provide a forum for discussion about the medium of graphic novels as well as the content in the specific ones I will be covering.