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I want to begin by apologizing for neglecting my blog over these last three weeks. I have been buried under countless midterms, job interviews, and papers; but at last, my life has returned to normal. I am currently enjoying a week long break from class, in which I will be dedicating plenty of time to reading and writing about graphic novels.

After reading two Batman stories, I wanted to take a break the superhero genre for a while and move unto something a bit more realistic, but no less dark and gritty. While looking for a new graphic novel in the local bookstore, I stumbled upon “Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot,” by the renowned French illustrator Jacques Tardi. This noir tells the story of Martin Terrier, a professional assassin, who after one last job intends to return to his home town, elope with his long lost love, and retire in peace. Needless to say, his idealistic plan goes awry, leading to fast paced chases, violent shootouts, and an unexpected ending that no one saw coming. The graphic novel is only about 100 pages, and I have already started reading it, so expect a post about it tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a few panels from “Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot.”