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Hey everyone, you’re all probably wondering why I haven’t made a post for the last couple weeks. I have recently accepted a position with Teach For America[1] and have since been incredibly busy preparing for teacher certification tests and writing my senior paper. However, I have not forgotten about my blog or my readers. In fact, I would like to let you’ll choose which graphic novel I read and analysis next. For those who are unfamiliar with the various stories, I have linked their titles to their Wikipedia pages. Please comment below which one of the following you would like me to cover next:

Apollo’s Song by Osamu Tezuka

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

A Contract With God by Will Eisner

Watchmen by Alan Moore

I will leave this “survey” open till Wednesday at midnight; Thursday I will begin my next graphic novel and Friday I will publish my first post on it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

[1] More information can be found about this incredible organization at their official website: www.teachforamerica.org